We’re here with a new app! And this time around, we’ve got an app for all the music lovers out there! Presenting to you, Synth Pad-a cool new Music Synthesizer for your BlackBerry PlayBook!

featured Here are the top features:


  • Customizable layout: Have as few as 2 keys or as many as 15 keys at a time on Synth Pad!
  • Take a pick from a huge assortment of percussion and other sounds. Experiment with a variety of cool sound packs from Synth Pad’s sound library!
  • Save your best presets and load them back any time!
  • Autoplay: Use the Autoplay mode to compose rhythms and play them back automatically; do this by tapping the numbers on the keys. These rhythms change depending on the sound/instrument you choose
  • BPM (Beats Per Minute): Adjust the tempo to either slow down or speed up those beats, in the Autoplay mode


Synth Pad Sounds:

  • Bass/ Kick Drums
  • Snares
  • Cymbals
  • Hi- Hats
  • Crash Cymbals
  • Loops
  • And more….


Synth Pad Sound Packs:

  • Africa
  • Rock/Pop
  • Trance
  • Dance
  • Hiphop
  • Arabia

Read more about Synth Pad and download it for free from the BlackBerry App World here.

Let the jamming begin!