We are extremely excited to announce that Uber Iris is now sitting pretty amongst the Featured Apps on the BlackBerry App World!


Here’s an excerpt from Ryan Edsall’s review of Uber Iris on Berryfication:

“I’ve got nothing but love for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now with the combination of the advanced developers such as XLabz Technologies and the PlayBook, we are starting to see some really quality stuff hitting App World. Their latest release Uber Iris has me giddy like a schoolgirl!”

And here’s what few of our users had to say so far about Uber Iris:

“And my collection of XLabz apps grows. This is a terrific app, and well priced.”

“Great little app, hours of fun already playing with the photos on PlayBook and on phone.”

“It does everything you would expect a camera app to do and more. Great work!”

“Works very well. I enjoy fixing photos with this app.”

“Very nice app. I needed something just like it for my PlayBook.”

Once again a BIG shout-out to the BlackBerry community and all our friends and users! This would not have been possible without all of you!

Read more about Uber Iris and download it for the PlayBook here and for Android Tablets here.