A moment we’ll never forget… Sketch W Friends- our very first attempt at real-time gaming; has done us proud! One day after launch, Sketch W Friends becomes the #2 Paid Game on the whole of the BlackBerry App World! Right next to Angry Birds, in fact!!


The BlackBerry community deserves a very special mention. We have never seen a more supportive, enthusiastic and appreciative set of people, who’ve not just given us constructive criticism; but have gone a long way in being our brand advocates.

A special shout-out to the CrackBerry community; who’ve been cheering and encouraging us ever since we became a part of this community. We specially thank the editors at CrackBerry, for taking the time to review Sketch W Friends and featuring us on their front page.

Tons of comments have been pouring in from all our fans. Most of them inspiring and overwhelming, while a few- just plain hilarious!

“I must say XLabz, I was impressed with you before, but you have really outdone yourselves here. Everyone, buy it!!”

“Smooth real time play, cross platform, fast passed action makes this the best game on the PlayBook. Active developers who listen to the community and provide support makes it even better. Well worth the price. Buy it.”

“Love this game. Well done and lots of fun. My daughter and i are having a blast playing on our playbooks. Kudos developers!”

“Forget draw something. This is much more fun!!! Leaderboards are a nice touch. Best game on the Playbook. You can play against Blackberry Playbook, iOS or Android users! Well worth the $2, buy it.”

“Just bought it, I love everything XLabz makes, seriously you guys take a lot of care about the look of your apps and that’s really important to me. Hope this makes it to the Top Game list soon and we get this game viral.”

“This game is a great idea and will be highly successful, you guys are the greatest giving the PlayBook finally an app that is on par with other platforms.”

“Neat APP! XLabz are one of the greatest developers for the PB.”

“Everyone who owns a PlayBook should get this, it’s pure fun, and cross platform so you can play it against your Android and IOS friends. This game will be a hit! Devs are an example to others, supportive and responsive, the way to go!”

“This game is awesome!  This is the way to play any sort of pictionary type game!  This game is so smooth and fluid that it’s awesome!  And I seem to like using exclamation points here because it’s so awesome!”

“it’s 3 am here should have a government health warning for this game lol"

Sketch W Friends is a real-time, multi-player, virtual game based on the classic games of Pictionary and Charades. The game is currently available for iPad, Android Tablets and BlackBerry PlayBook & can be played across all these platforms.

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