Sketch W Friends has received a brand new update. Here’s what’s new in v4:

IMG_00000198 1) Theme Rooms: We’ve added 6 themed rooms:

  • Around the World – Go on a journey to places far and wide!
  • Foodie- It’s all about food! Yum Yum ;)
  • Showtime – All your favorite movies and TV shows!
  • Toontastic – Have fun sketching cartoon and animation characters!
  • Brand IQ – Pepsi, Nike and much more!
  • The Jungle- The Animal Kingdom awaits you!

2) Stroke Rooms: Draw the given word with just 1, 3 or 5 strokes without lifting your finger! This feature is sure to make things a little more challenging for all of you :)


3) Challenge your Facebook friends to a mini game of Sketch W Friends by posting your drawing on Facebook.


4) Finding it a tad difficult to sketch your word? Go ahead and skip your turn!

5) Plenty of new words added to the wordlist.

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