Life has become more complex and busy than ever. Organizing work, family, friends, social events, vacations and more can be challenging. While the paper planner has worked for decades and is still in use, new digital devices and apps offer new opportunities to better manage the details of today’s busy life. There are numerous apps and digital tools that can help with organization and planning. The following are a few that can help:


Groovy Notes - Diary / Organizer


Groovy Notes

Groovy Notes by XLabz Technologies is a new twist on the traditional paper planner. This powerful new planning tool utilizes the traditional format of a traditional paper planner, but with powerful modern features. It allows users to take written and verbal notes, attach photos & sketches and more, then archive, search, backup and export the data. It’s not only useful as an organizer, but can be used as a personal voice and written diary. All the information stored with Groovy Notes can be accessed across Ultrabook™ devices, mobile phones and in the cloud.


Dropbox is like having your own private cloud where you can store files and access them through numerous devices. It works with iPhone, Android, Ultrabook PCs, Mac and more, then can be used in conjunction with productivity apps like Groovy Notes.

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