School is no easy task for students in high school and college. Juggling multiple classes, homework assignments, essays and more can be daunting. Yet with new digital devices and organizational apps, managing complex school schedules can be much easier.



Groovy Notes is one such app that not only helps in managing multiple classes, assignments, tests, etc., but provides additional features for the savvy student. This powerful app allows users to simultaneously record lectures while taking down notes, attach multiple photos and hand-drawn sketches, edit the photos and sketches using a variety of drawing/sketching tools etc., then access this information across multiple platforms including Ultrabook™ devices, mobile phones and more.

It features the ability for students to record short voice memos, or entire lectures. Students can color-code their notes & organize them by categories, tags & date, then find the information easily with an intuitive search feature. Text notes can be saved as a .pdf and .txt and voice notes as .mp3 to access them from other applications. Plus, the data from Groovy Notes can be saved into a Dropbox account for additional access and to secure against device failure.

While there are numerous apps available for productivity, Groovy Notes delivers a powerful new way to organize, record and manage the various aspects of student life.


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