GeoSocials, the location based social game that we released a few weeks back for iPhone is now available as an Android application developed from ground up using Adobe AIR.

For those of you who are not already aware, GeoSocials is a real-time, location based, social game played around you. It’s a whole new way of exploring the world around you, meeting new people, and getting rewarded in the process. The broad theme of GeoSocials is Play, Win and Socialize. You can check out more details in our earlier article here.

So yes, as promised, GeoSocials is now ready for all you Android fans to download!

So, if you’ve got your Android device handy, just make sure that it supports Adobe runtime (GeoSocials can only be downloaded to Android devices that support it) and start blazing your trail!

With the latest release, Android users will be able to hit the game with two new features – Vote-A-Deal and GeoSocials Places. Both features are tailored with a twist. Our take on the features was all about revisiting how deals are and will be made in the future and how the places users visit will respond and benefit from all link love users, like you, give it!

‘Vote-A-Deal’ is all about getting the place you love to respond the kind of feedback, loyalty and affinity users have and give. Using this we intend to get users to decide where they would like a deal and help them score one! GeoSocials Places enhances users’ game play tactics by leveraging their favourite places as GeoBuddy sites, a special treasure drop zone or even utilize their brand loyalty for the ‘Vote-A-Deal’ feature.

We’re going to continue to evolve GeoSocials as we expand the platform availability and we’d love to hear back from you after you’ve signed up and started unlocking your world one neighbourhood at a time!

All of the developments present and future, will always be designed to facilitate players to make instant and real connections with people both in terms of physical proximity and established social connections. At its heart, GeoSocials is about evolving our social relationships from the virtual space to the real world we live in. It’s always been about that for us.

In addition to challenging their friends or new acquaintances to a friendly real-time hyper-local game, users can now use the two new features to further heighten their social-game experience by allowing them to wish-list a deal via vote, visit the place in person for an actual game-hook-up, or even expand their game outside of their city via the game platform to a social level by exchanging and posting updates or notes, recommending the same to new friends or even highlighting an event, product or personal experience, all in real-time.

Remember to check your Android device for Adobe AIR runtime support, but most importantly, get cracking and HAVE FUN!

GeoSocials can be downloaded via this link for both iPhone and Android: